Walrus Viewing

Walrus Viewing

Walrus viewing excursion

Walrus Viewing: Hop on a flight tour from King Salmon to Cape Seniavin to view huge groups of walruses with their distinct ivory tusks jutting from their faces. Hundreds, even thousands of walruses form haul-outs at select beaches and islands in Western Alaska. Add on this excursion to spend several hours watching and photographing these amazing creatures from a nearby safe distance. There are only a few places in the world to view Pacific Walrus and with a short flight you can be there. You will have a couple miles to hike each way and spend a few hours overlooking a walrus-packed beach.

Walruses are part of the select group that lives in the Bering Sea and Chukchi Sea. Highly sociable animals, they travel and rest in groups. They are migratory animals and most of the males move to Bristol Bay as spring comes and spend the summer there before they head back in the fall. They form social haul-outs on ice and along the mainland coast and islands of Alaska and Russia making western Alaska one of the few places to view them. You will watch them in the water’s surf and stacked on each other along the beach. Other wildlife like birds, bears, and foxes may make an appearance.

Male Pacific walruses can be between 7- and 12 feet long and weigh up to 4000 pounds! The females weigh around 2000 pounds and are 5-10 feet long. They live up to 40 years. Their short whiskers help them forage food off the ocean floor. They feed on invertebrates like snails, clams, soft-shelled crabs, shrimp, worms, sea cucumbers and occasionally seals and seabirds.


Pacific Walrus

  • Males can weigh over 2 tons, females over 1 ton
  • Highly social animals that travel and rest together
  • Use their tusks for moving on ice and land, fighting and dominance

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